What is reddit?

reddit is a source for what’s new and popular on the web.

Users like you provide all of the content and decide, through voting, what’s good and what’s junk.

Links that receive community approval bubble up towards #1, so the front page is constantly in motion and (hopefully) filled with fresh, interesting links.

What does the name “reddit” mean?

It’s (sort of) a play on words — i.e., “I read it on reddit.” Also, there are some unintentional but interesting Latin meanings to the word “reddit”.

What is that alien / bug thing?

That adorable and informative creature is Snoo, the mascot for the reddit community. It is also a registered trademark owned by reddit. You can visit redditalien.com for an archive of its past adventures.

Can anyone submit a link?

Yes — all you need is an account! However, there is a cap on the posting rate to prevent spamming. This restriction is the same for both reddit gold members and non-gold members.

How is a submission’s score determined?

A submission’s score is simply the number of upvotes minus the number of downvotes. If five users like the submission and three users don’t it will have a score of 2. Please note that the vote numbers are not “real” numbers, they have been “fuzzed” to prevent spam bots etc. So taking the above example, if five users upvoted the submission, and three users downvote it, the upvote/downvote numbers may say 23 upvotes and 21 downvotes, or 12 upvotes, and 10 downvotes. The points score is correct, but the vote totals are “fuzzed”.

Why does a dot sometimes show up where the score should be?

For the first few hours after a submission is created, the score is not displayed. This is intended to mitigate the bandwagon effect.

I made a mistake in my submission title, how can I edit it?

Submission titles cannot be edited. However, you can simply delete it and resubmit it. The sooner you do this, the less likely you will lose any votes or comments.

What is that number next to usernames? And what is karma?

The number next to a username is called that user’s “karma.” It reflects how much good the user has done for the reddit community. The best way to gain karma is to submit links that other people like and vote for.

Why should I try to accumulate karma?

Why should you try to score points in a video game? Why should your favorite sports team try to win the championship?

Or, to look at things from a less competitive and more altruistic perspective, read what philosophers have said about the matter — namely, don’t set out to accumulate karma; just set out to be a good person, and let your karma simply be a reminder of your legacy. Note: reddit makes no guarantees about attaining Nirvana.

Update: A redditor named jumpercable tried to redeem his karma. See how it went (your mileage may vary).

What can I do to get my submissions noticed?

Remember that adage about not judging a book by its cover? No one actually follows it. So choose your title carefully — make it useful, provide context, and be descriptive. Be careful though, if you’re too aggressive it could backfire. Phrases like, “Vote this up to spread the word!” or “AMAZING!” tend to annoy most redditors, who will make sure your post doesn’t see the light of day.

Why don’t my submissions show up on the New page?

reddit has a spam filter designed to detect spam posts and automatically remove them. However, legitimate posts are often caught by the filter. If a few minutes go by and your post isn’t showing up on the new page of the community where you posted, it has probably been caught by the filter. This is most likely to occur if you are posting to a community that you have not participated in before. Each community has an independent filter, for example /r/help‘s filter doesn’t talk to /r/pic‘s filter. In order to remove your post from the filter you need to message the moderators (this link can be found in the sidebar on the right-hand in that community, you can also manually compose a message to #communityname) and ask them to check the filter for you. Eventually the filter will “learn” that your posts don’t need to be removed.

Is reddit available in languages other than English?

Yes! In the upper-right corner of the page, there should be a link that says, “English”. Click it and you’ll get a popup where you can change to another language.

I want to change my username. Do I have to start a new account?

Yes. Once a user account is created, the username cannot be edited. You can create a new user profile but cannot migrate karma, comment karma or trophies to the new username.

Will you remove something defamatory about me or “my friend” from reddit?

In light of the protections afforded to online hosts of third party content, such as reddit, we rarely remove such material, but we reserve the right to do so for legal or other reasons.

Please note that reddit does not remove posts for containing insults or negative commentary, but leaves such decisions to the moderators of particular communities. Those moderators are not employees of or retained by reddit‚ they are the persons who initiated the particular community and their appointees. While posts that contain such content can be distasteful, reddit is not in a position to arbitrate disputes. Posts should be consistent with the rules of the community to which they are posted.

The best way to deal with incorrect information on the Internet is to post the correct information next to it. The reddit community is usually very supportive of such a response, and will likely vote to give the correction greater prominence than the original post. Redditors love a good counterpoint.

Is posting personal information ok?

  1. reddit is a pretty open and free speech place, but it is not ok to post someone’s personal information, or post links to personal information. This includes links to public Facebook pages and screenshots of Facebook pages with the names still legible. We all get outraged by the ignorant things people say and do online, but witch hunts and vigilantism hurt innocent people and certain individual information, including personal info found online is often false. Posting personal information will get you banned. Posting professional links to contact a congressman or the CEO of some company is probably fine, but don’t post anything inviting harassment, don’t harass, and don’t cheer on or vote up obvious vigilantism.

Is posting political campaign information ok?

Yes. reddit does not discriminate among candidates or differing political viewpoints in any way, nor does it discriminate between political and non-political topics. reddit’s terms of service require all users not to violate any law, statute or regulation in the course of their use. reddit provides its basic service to all users without charge and its provision of basic services for free is not a contribution to any candidate, political committee, or political party committee. reddit does not control links to political sites, does not endorse them, and is not responsible for any aspects of those sites.

Which staff member should I write to if I have a problem or question?

Send a message to /r/reddit.com

I want to make something with the reddit alien on it. Whom do I contact?

We have a whole page on licensing.

What do all of these acronyms mean?

Well there are a lot of acronyms in use on reddit, so this is just a list of some of the main ones you’ll see.

  • AFAIK means “As far as I know”
  • AMA means “Ask me anything”
  • CMV means “Change my view”
  • DAE means “Does anybody else” or “Does anyone else”
  • ELI5 means “Explain like I’m 5 (years old)”
  • FTFY means “Fixed that for you”
  • IAMA means “I am a”
  • IANAD means “I am not a doctor”
  • IANAL means “I am not a lawyer”
  • IIRC means “If I recall correctly”
  • IMO/IMHO means “In my opinion” and “In my humble/honest opinion”, respectively
  • ITT means “In this thread”
  • MRW/MFW means “My reaction when” and “My face when”, respectively
  • NSFL means “Not safe for life” (gory or gross content)
  • NSFW means “Not safe for work” (sexual content)
  • OP means “Original poster” (the person who started the thread)
  • [Serious] means “Serious responses only” (commonly used in /r/askredditand other subreddits now)
  • PSA means “Public service announcement”
  • TIL means “Today I learned”
  • TL;DR means “Too long; Didn’t read”
  • YSK means “You should know”


Is there a reference guide for the reddit comment syntax?

Yes — the commenting help page explains all the details, pitfalls, and workarounds.

What does it mean when an asterisk appears next to a comment?

This just means that the commenter has edited it. (On reddit, you can go back and edit your comments in order to fix mistakes, add new information, or be annoying.)

How is a comment’s score determined?

According to the same principles as a submission’s score.

A comment’s score is simply the number of upvotes minus the number of downvotes. If five users like the comment and three users don’t it will have a score of 2. Please note that the vote numbers are not “real” numbers, they have been “fuzzed” to prevent spam bots etc. So taking the above example, if five users upvoted the comment, and three users downvote it, the upvote/downvote numbers may say 23 upvotes and 21 downvotes, or 12 upvotes, and 10 downvotes. The points score is correct, but the vote totals are “fuzzed”.

Individual subreddits

What are subreddits?

reddit is made up of thousands of sub-communities, each focused on a specific topic. There’s a subreddit for science, a subreddit for music, and probably a subreddit for your nearest city. By default, new users are subscribed to a selection of the most popular ones, but you’ll get a lot more enjoyment out of the site if you take the time to subscribe to ones that appeal to you. After doing so, the front page will change to show a customized listing tailored to your interests.

How can I find and subscribe to subreddits?

There are several ways. If you already know what you’re looking for, or simply want to browse the list in order of popularity, the reddit search page will be most direct. There are also a number of external, unofficial but authorized sites that provide different interfaces, e.g. metareddit.comsubreddits.org. To see new subreddits as they’re created, subscribe to the subreddit /r/newreddits. Finally, to find a random subreddit, visit /r/random.

You can browse a subreddit before subscribing to it, and if you decide to join, there’s a “subscribe” link on the right side of every page. If you’re already subscribed you can click “unsubscribe” to unsubscribe.

How many subreddits can I subscribe to?

You may subscribe to as many subreddits as you like! However, on any given visit, your frontpage will only select up to 250 subreddits to show you. This selection is refreshed every 30 minutes. When you view the ‘MY SUBREDDITS’ dropdown, you are seeing only the current 250 selected. The only place to see all the subreddits you are subscribed to is here.

Do any subreddits have their own FAQs?

Many do. Check out /r/somesubreddit/wiki to see if your favorite has one.


What is a moderator?

A moderator is just a regular redditor like you except they volunteer to perform a few humble duties within a particular community:

  • They configure parameters for the community, like what its description should be or whether it should be considered “Over 18”.
  • They set the custom logo and styling, if any.
  • They can mark their own links or comments as the community moderator’s submission, which just adds an “[M]” and turns their name green.
  • They can remove links and comments from their community if they find them objectionable or off topic.
  • They can ban a spammer or other abusive user from submitting to their community. (This has no effect elsewhere on the site).
  • They can add other users as moderators.

Moderators have no special powers outside of the community they moderate and are not appointed by reddit.

Why does reddit need moderation? Can’t you just let the voters decide?

The reason there are separate subreddits is to allow niche communities to form, instead of having one monolithic overall community. These communities distinguish themselves with a unique focus, look and policies: what’s on- and off-topic there, whether people are expected to behave civilly or can feel free to be brutal, etc.

One issue that arises is that casual, new, or transient visitors to a particular community don’t always know the rules that tie it together.

As an example, imagine a /r/swimming and a /r/scuba. People can read about one topic or the other (or subscribe to both). But since scuba divers like to swim, a casual user might start submitting swimming links on /r/scuba. And these stories will probably get upvoted, especially by people who see the links on the reddit front page and don’t look closely at where they’re posted. If left alone, /r/scuba will just become another /r/swimming and there won’t be a place to go to find an uncluttered listing of scuba news.

The fix is for the /r/scuba moderators to remove the offtopic links, and ideally to teach the submitters about the more appropriate /r/swimming subreddit.

What if the moderators are bad?

In a few cases where a moderator has lost touch with their community, another redditor has created a competing community and subscribers have chosen to use the new reddit instead, which led to it becoming the new dominant reddit.

If you have an issue with a moderator or the way a subreddit is being run, please first try contacting that moderator to see if it’s just a simple misunderstanding. You may contact all of the moderators in a subreddit by messaging /r/[name of subreddit] to appeal a decision. Please keep in mind, however, that moderators are free to run their subreddits however they so choose so long as it is not breaking reddit’s rules. So if it’s simply an ideological issue you have or a personal vendetta against a moderator, consider making a new subreddit and shaping it the way you’d like rather than performing a sit-in and/or witch hunt.

How do you get to be a moderator?

If you create a subreddit you will automatically become its moderator. If you’d like to become a moderator of an existing subreddit, ask one of the community’s moderators! Many subreddits actively look for volunteers, so feel free to head on over to /r/needamod and see who needs help. If you find an abandoned subreddit, a final option would be to check out /r/redditrequest and make a post requesting to be a moderator.

How can I tell who moderates a given subreddit?

While visiting that subreddit’s front page, there should be a box on the right with the names of all its moderators. If you can’t find it, just go to http://reddit.com/r/name-of-subreddit/about/moderators directly.

Where can I find more information about moderation?


Spam, Cheating, and the Like

Is it okay to create multiple accounts?

Yes, you can create multiple/throwaway accounts as long as you do not do so to ghost vote your own submissions.

Why isn’t my submission / comment showing up?

Submissions can take a few minutes to appear on the New queue. But it’s also possible that a moderator deemed your post to be spam — or the automatic filtering program did. If you feel this was a mistake, try sending a message to a moderator of the subreddit in question. If they do not respond after a day or so, post a question in /r/help.

What is the “report” button?

The report button, shown on all links and comments, is an anonymous way for the reddit community to send feedback to the moderators that something is spam or otherwise violates the rules — for example, pornographic content submitted to a non-adult subreddit, or a .PDF posted to /r/videos. If your reason for reporting is time-sensitive or non-obvious, please leave a reply or send a message to a moderator explaining your reasoning.

What happens when something gets reported?

It will be reviewed, either by a person or a program. The more people who report it, the more likely some action will be taken. Reporting spam is the single most important thing a user can do to help keep reddit clean.

What constitutes vote cheating and vote manipulation?

Besides spam, the other big no-no is to try to manipulate voting by any means: manual, mechanical, or otherwise. We’re not going to post an exhaustive list of forbidden tactics (lest we give people ideas), but some major ones are:

  • Don’t use shill or multiple accounts, voting services, or any other software to increase votes for submissions
  • Don’t ask other users to vote on certain posts, either on reddit itself or anywhere else (through Twitter, Facebook, IM programs, IRC, etc.)
  • Don’t be part of a “voting clique” or “vote ring”

A voting clique is a group of people who send links to their submissions around via message, IM, or any other means, with the expectation of “you guys vote for my stuff and I’ll vote for yours.” A “vote ring” is a group of people who agree to vote on certain things together, either a specific submission, a user, a domain, or anything like that. Upvote each submission or content for the value of the information in it, a variety of things that you think are interesting and will benefit the community.

Cheating or attempting to manipulate voting will result in your account being banned. Don’t do it.

What constitutes spam?

It’s a gray area, but some rules of thumb:

  • It’s not strictly forbidden to submit a link to a site that you own or otherwise benefit from in some way, but you should sort of consider yourself on thin ice. So please pay careful attention to the rest of these bullet points.
  • If your contribution to reddit consists mostly of submitting links to a site(s) that you own or otherwise benefit from in some way, and additionally if you do not participate in discussion, or reply to peoples questions, regardless of how many upvotes your submissions get, you are a spammer. If over 10% of your submissions and conversation are your own site/content/affiliate links, you’re almost certainly a spammer.
  • If people historically downvote your links or ones similar to yours, and you feel the need to keep submitting them anyway, they’re probably spam.
  • If people historically upvote your links or ones like them — and we’re talking about real people here, not sockpuppets or people you asked to go vote for you — congratulations! It may not be spam! However, you still need to follow the guidelines for self promotion
  • If nobody’s submitted a link like yours before, give it a shot. But don’t flood the new queue; submit one or two times and see what happens.

To play it safe, write to the moderators of the community you’d like to submit to. They’ll probably appreciate the advance notice. They might also set community-specific rules that supersede the ones above. And that’s okay — that’s the whole point of letting people create their own reddit communities and define what’s on topic and what’s spam.

If you’re thinking of doing any self-promotion on reddit, you might want to read this first.

Nerd Talk

What is reddit written in?


Seriously? I heard it was written in Lisp.

It was, but we rewrote it. (Here’s why.)

So what Python framework do you use?

Pylons. You can see our source code if you want.

Anything we didn’t cover?

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, you can get near-instant assistance by reading the /r/help FAQ or posting on the /r/help reddit. We also have press information available, and a page for those looking to advertise on reddit. If you’re new to reddit and want some more information on interesting subreddits, confusing acronyms and so on, try this post..

Articles in this section

  • Understanding The “Activity” Ledger And Getting The Most Out Of It
  • Taxes
  • What is Prodavad.com?
  • A guide to the Dos & Don’ts of Prodavad!
  • Can I redeem my CHX for cash?
  • Can Teenagers Use Prodavad?
  • Can College Students Use Prodavad to Make Money?
  • Can I transfer CHX to a friend?
  • Do I earn CHX on my birthday?
  • Collector’s Bills
  • Who is eligible to use www.prodavad.com?
  • Can I Use Non-Prodavad.com Special Deals, Discounts or Coupons and still earn CHX?


-Understanding The “Activity” Ledger And Getting The Most Out Of It

We understand that when activities don’t track properly, it can be a frustrating experience. Your “Activity” Ledger provides transparency on all your activities (what you click on and how you earn CHX) to better understand where your CHX is coming from. It is also the best way to reach out to customer support when you spot an activity that you believe requires attention.

Here is a breakdown of how it works:


1) “Visited” Section

When selecting this view, you can see all the Surveys you started, Shopping Stores you visited, and all the various Offers you clicked on. This will help you remember how long ago you visited an activity to aid you in understanding if/when CHX might be earned. Many activities take up to 30 days to credit. Here are some tips to help you:

    • Pending CHX: When you see this yellow icon, it means that this activity will earn CHX, but it is still “pending”. You can find more details about when the CHX will post/credit when you visit the pending section. There is nothing you need to do besides wait. Hooray!
    • Awarded CHX: When you see the green icon, it means that this activity has been awarded CHX. You can find more details about this activity when you view it in the Posted Section.
  • No Icon: This can mean two things: 1) You clicked on an activity ( Ex: Visited an online store), but didn’t complete ( ex: purchase anything) or  2) This an indication that either the store or offer partner has not yet reported back to us yet and you need to wait a little longer.

NOTE: If you are confident that you believe an activity should have earned CHX, you should click on the envelope icon / contact us link adjacent to the activity. This will start a customer support action and automatically use the specific information about your visit to help us serve you faster.


2) Posted Section

When selecting this view, you can see all the activities that have been posted (credited) to your account. Every activity row can be clicked on to expand for more details and a link to customer support for assistance on that particular activity. You can also use the Activity and Date Range Filters to narrow down what you would like to review:


3) Pending CHX Section:


This is the yellow area at the top of the page to highlight all your CHX that is being tracked and on the way. This will help you see the estimated time to get credited and for those enjoying the Member Recognition Program, a way to “Skip The Wait”. If no activities appear in this section it means you do not have any CHX currently pending. If you think that is a mistake, you should find the activity in question on the Visited Tab to see the status. If you need help, click the envelope icon on the visited tab directly next to the activity.


4) Customer Support Integration:

Every activity has a customer support option next to it. This is the best way to get support from our team. Please make sure you find the exact activity in question and use that help link as it will automatically pull in the relevant details to expedite your request.


“The only two certainties in life are death and taxes” – Mark Twain.Prodavad members are responsible for any and all tax liability arising from or associated with your use of this Website, including liability generated from CHX redemptions.Upon reaching $600 or more in CHX redemptions in one calendar year, you will be prompted to fill out the required tax information about yourself. You will not be allowed to continue redemptions (except for PayPal and Gambit) for the rest of the calendar year until you successfully complete the tax form.

Common Questions

Q: What types of CHX redemptions count towards the $600 FIRS threshold?

A: All Gift Cards and Rewards, except PayPal & Gambit


Q: Which earning activities count towards being taxable?

A: The following activities ARE classified as taxable:

  • Registration/Promotional/Referral
  • Search
  • Answer (Surveys, Tasks & Any Receipt)
  • Games (except GSN)
  • nCrave /Watch
  • CHX Live

A: The following activities ARE NOT classified as taxable:

  • Gambit Earnings
  • Discover / Offers
  • Shopping
  • GSN
  • In-Store DealCHX
  • uy CHX

Q: What will Prodavad do with my tax information?

A: Prodavad will file 1099 to the FIRS on your behalf. All your information will be secure and not stored with Prodavad. We’ve partnered with HelloSign, a Dropbox company for electronic signature collection.


Q: Can you give me some examples of when the $600 redemption threshold will and won’t apply?

Ex: Johnny redeemed $2,000 in a calendar year for Amazon and Visa gift cards and his past earnings largely were from shopping and playing Gambit. Since those two activities are not tax-deductible, he can redeem his CHX for rewards without triggering the tax form.

Ex: Sandra has redeemed $600 in a calendar year for Amazon and Best Buy Gift Cards. She earns the majority of her earnings from taking surveys. She will be required to provide tax information because surveys are a taxable activity

Note: If she redeems for PayPal and/or Gambit instead, she will not be required to submit tax info as those rewards are exempt from the threshold limit.

Ex: Fernando has earned $5,000  from surveys and playing CHX Live, but has only redeemed for $400 in Gift Cards this year. He will not be required to submit information yet because even though he has earned a lot, he has not redeemed for more than $600.


Taxes can be complicated and for more detailed questions, we recommend speaking with a tax professional.

Any questions, contact us here.

-What is Prodavad.com?

Prodavad.com is the leading destination for earning real rewards for things you do online or on your phone. At home or on the go, you can conveniently earn points (called CHX) when you:  Shop your favourite stores, Search the web, Answer surveys; Discover great deals; Watch videos and Play games.  CHX points can be redeemed easily for cash (Paypal)  or gift cards to your favourite stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Target. With over 15 million members, Prodavad.com has awarded over 90 million dollars in real rewards.

Membership is free. So are the gift cards!. Join Today!

-A guide to the Dos & Don’ts of Prodavad!


  • For a chance to earn CHXs each time you search the web, you have three options:
  1. set your browser search engine to Prodavad Search (Click here)
  2. use the search bar on Prodavad.com, and
  3. visit Search.Prodavad.com
  • When using Prodavad as your search engine, use it exactly the way you would on any other search website

Searching Don’ts

  • Search the web only to win CHX
  • Click on any links that you aren’t genuinely interested in
  • Use any bot or program that auto searches for you

Referral and Social Media 

  • Send email invitations to your friends, family, and associates through our Invite A Friend link
  • Create a memorable prod Name to make your referral link easy to use
  • Place your referral link in your email signatures
  • Participate in online communities/forums where people may be interested in CHX
  • Create a video that explains CHX and features your referral link
  • Share appropriate Prodavad content, links, or ideas on our Facebook wall and discussion boards

Referral and Social Media Don’ts

  • Send referral emails or texts to strangers
  • Post referral links or bulletin board code on websites that prohibit them
  • Promise to give rewards or payments to your “friends” in exchange for signing up with your referral link
  • Create a video that makes inaccurate or false promises about Prodavad rewards
  • Repost another member’s photos, video and other content as your own
  • Promote web pages other than Prodavad.com on Prodavad’ Facebook wall or any commenting area on Prodavad.com
  • Post to public forums that your engagement with video, offers and other actions on Prodavad.com is only motivated by getting CHX
  • Play videos, open articles or access content that awards CHX without actively engaging with that content
  • Post, share or distribute any video or content that promotes Prodavad cheats (which are generally fake and can be dangerous info phishing scams anyhow)
  • Post your referral link on any Prodavad social media pages
  • Spam the Prodavad Facebook wall


  • Always provide honest answers
  • Read all questions carefully before answering
  • Report to Customer Support if you believe a third-party is contacting you about survey opportunities or to join their panel without your permission to be contacted

Survey Don’ts

  • Don’t speed through surveys (this factors into disqualifications)
  • Don’t share details about surveys with friends nor on public forums, including details about survey contents, survey titles, survey IDs, time of completion, screenshots, etc.

Miscellaneous Don’ts

  • Submit inappropriate or offensive photos, ideas, and video CHX
  • bullying and/or engaging in activities that are offensive, profane or hateful toward other Prodavad’ members and/or Prodavad’ support teams
  • Create multiple Prodavad accounts for one user
  • Spam the Rewards Store comments
  • Complete surveys or offers with fraudulent or inaccurate information
  • Manipulate any cookie or browser settings for the purpose of defrauding or circumventing controls established by Prodavad or any of its advertisers or sponsors

-Can I redeem my CHX for cash?

At this time, we do not offer a direct exchange of your CHX for cash.

-Can Teenagers Use Prodavad?

Yes. Teenagers can use Prodavad. The minimum age requirement to join Prodavad is 15 years. Prodavad encourages minors, 15 years of age or older, to seek their parent or guardian’s permission before registering.

Most teenagers use Prodavad as a way to earn free gift cards. Read how teenagers can make money online using Prodavad.

-Can College Students Use Prodavad to Make Money?

Yes, College Students can use Prodavad.com as a way to make money. The minimum age required to register for Prodavad is 15. Read about the interesting and fun ways college students can make money online using Prodavad. They include sharing your opinion via online surveys, watching video playlists, and signing-up for trial offers.

-Can I transfer CHX to a friend?

At this time, the option to transfer CHX to another account is not available. But we’re currently working on it.

-Do I earn CHX on my birthday?

Starting June 1st you’ll be able to earn 55 CHX for your birthday!

On your birthday you will receive an email with your exclusive Birthday prod Up for a 55 CHX rebate on a Gift Card redemption (Gift Card can be for any store and any denomination). Simply click the prod Up link in the email (pictured below) and your prod Up will activate immediately (you should see a banner when you visit the Prodavad Rewards Store).

So after you eat your cake and open your presents, head on over to the Prodavad Rewards Store and get that Gift Card you’ve had your eye on because the prod Up MUST be redeemed within 30 days of your birthday. The 55 CHX rebate will be credited instantly!

The Birthday prod Up will take the place of the current 50 Birthday Bucks you earn on your Birthday. That means you’ll earn 5 more CHX on your birthday!

-Collector’s Bills

To celebrate certain holidays and/or special occasions, Prodavad will release Collector’s Bills for a limited time. These themed bills are awarded via search wins and are collected in your ledger.

When you’ve won, it will look like this:


BUT WAIT! There’s more… If you collect the entire set, you will receive an extra bonus amount of CHX(total bonus varies per collection).

-Can I Use Non-Prodavad.com Special Deals, Discounts or Coupons and still earn CHX?

No. Any special deals/coupons you use during your purchase must be provided by Prodavad.com. If you choose to use coupons and specials not provided by Prodavad.com, you will not be eligible to receive CHX on your purchase.

Please be advised that coupons and special offers listed on our site are subject to change. Restrictions may apply. We try to present the most accurate offers, but cannot make guarantees due to the time-sensitive nature of these promotions.