Halo Infinite Campaign Cosmetics Can Disappear If Players Are Offline

A Halo Infinite bug is causing cosmetic items earned from the campaign to disappear if players are offline when they unlock them. The game’s campaign finally released on December 8 as a separate download from Halo Infinite’s multiplayer after being delayed for more than a year. The game was originally planned to release as an Xbox Series X launch title, before the developer decided more time was needed.

Even though developer 343 Industries had an additional year or so to work on Halo Infinite, there are unfortunately still a few expected features missing from the game. Campaign co-op, a series staple, is not yet available in the game, and because of Halo Infinite‘s new open-world setting, players aren’t yet able to replay its campaign story missions. Many popular modes and playlists are also still missing from the multiplayer component, with Halo Infinite modes like SWAT announced for release before the year ends.

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Halo Community Director Brian Jarrard acknowledged the disappearing cosmetics bug in a tweet, explaining that throughout the campaign of Halo Infinite, players will encounter armor lockers that will reward cosmetics for their Spartan in the game’s multiplayer mode. However, with the bug, if the player is offline when they unlock a cosmetic, it won’t show up in their multiplayer inventory. Jarrard adds that the issue may occur when someone continues a gameplay session via the Xbox Series X/S Quick Resume feature so he recommends that players not use the feature for now, and advises that users make sure they’re online before resuming their playthrough. Fortunately, the studio will implement a retroactive fix that will restore the cosmetics that were lost due to the bug.

While the campaign has generally been reviewed favorably, the multiplayer has been met with some backlash from players due to its focus on in-game purchases including cosmetics. Some have called for a Halo Infinite boycott due to microtransactions, with lots of users unhappy with what’s being perceived as a heavy lean into optional add-ons. Alongside what many believe to be overpriced cosmetics, gamers have also criticized the multiplayer for its slow progression, as well as the lackluster content of the game’s battle pass.

Hopefully the issue with the armor lockers is fixed sooner rather than later as it’s already one of the few ways that players are able to unlock cosmetics in the game by just playing through the campaign rather than grinding a battle pass or paying money. At the very least, the issue has already been acknowledged by 343 Industries. For now, players will just have to make sure they’re online while they play through Halo Infinite‘s popular campaign.

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Halo Infinite is available now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Brian Jarrard/Twitter

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