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What are your biggest Expense

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3 views: The new decentralized venture landscape is changing how we report startup data

Where is Silicon Valley, really? In 2021, it’s no longer a Bay Area hub backed by Sand Hill Road investors — it’s everywhere. The decentralization of capital to emerging ecosystems has done more than empower local entrepreneurs to raise that follow-on round, it’s also changed our work as journalists. After Mary Ann published an exclusive …

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The ‘art’ of VC startup valuations is a forgery

Scott Lenet Contributor Share on Twitter Scott Lenet is president of Touchdown Ventures. More posts by this contributor The ‘art’ of VC startup valuations is a forgery Is there a creed in venture capital? Venture capitalists frequently say that valuing startups is “more art than science.” If that’s true, then it’s absurdist art, because most …

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TechCrunch+ roundup: Less VC for SV, 2022 marketing predictions, GTM research strategies

Detroit became the center of America’s automobile industry largely for logistical reasons: its midwestern location, high population density and proximity to raw materials were just a few factors that assured investors it was an optimal spot for building an industrial hub. Silicon Valley’s tech ecosystem, on the other hand, was initially seeded by military research …

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This week in TechCrunch Experts: International expansion, 2022 trends, boutique software devs

TechCrunch Experts returns with predictions for 2022, insights on product-led growth and strategies for early-stage startups that hope to expand internationally. Jonathan Metrick, chief growth officer at Sagard & Portage Ventures, and Simon Lejeune, who leads user acquisition at Wealthsimple, shared three trends that they believe will shape marketing in 2022. With an eye on …

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