Our sincere apology to

Firstly, we would like to extend our sincere and heartfelt apologies for violating policies.  And yeah we messed up. We’re very sorry we used your name/brand “mtugist,” in our survey without your permission. It was really irresponsible of us to not check first if it was subject to copyright. We admit that we underhandedly used your name/brand, and we take full responsibility for the mistake.
It was unethical for us to use your name/brand without your authorization. Your name/brand deserves recognition, but we failed in this. We know you may be severely hurt to see your name/brand being misused, Prodavad would be in the same situation if it was the victim; We’re sincerely sorry for the pain.
What we did was unethical, and we understand the repercussions of our mistake. In the meantime, We’re ready to discuss the matter with you and see how we can resolve the matter. Here’s our email moc.d1653638605avado1653638605rp@tc1653638605atnoc1653638605
We sometimes fall short and make errors.
In this particular situation, as brought to our attention by the public disclaimer post from on the 1st of September 2021 which disclaimed that;

we the creators along with the entire board of “mtugist” have no hands in this and so it is in every user’s best interests to know that whatsoever data you give or see on the google forms is not aimed at us, from us or aimed at improving our site but rather aimed at the creation of another site (maybe like ours but with additional features) by the

You can read more about the disclaimer here
Though our intentions were not malicious, we were trying to gather user experience data from its users that we can work on and we got over 470 responses. And we believe that ignorance should never serve as a legitimate excuse for wrongdoing. And we are committed to avoiding copyright violations in the future.
On behalf of the Prodavad Media Team, We sincerely apologize for any and all instances of copyright misuse. As a student-run social network, we strive to produce quality content while maintaining the highest ethical standards
As a community, we remain committed to preventing future transgressions, and we are planning to implement a strict protocol regarding the use of copyrighted materials in the future. Additionally, we’re willing to go about this the right way, so we’ve already edited the form and removed any and all names/brands relating to For the sake of transparency, we are leaving up the form. You can check it out here
As a note to our readers/users, thank you for being considerate and patient with us. We suggest you check out their site here, they do have some nice content over there. We once again apologize for the violation if it has caused you any inconveniences. We will strive to be mindful from now on..
Prodavad Media Team

For any inquires about “The eye” or “mtugist”. We’re sorry we can’t reveal that. We have no association with them and we respect their anonymity. Feel free to contact them if you want to know more about them.

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