The day I die

Have you thought about the day you die?


I’m too busy living to think about the day I’ll die. I have no excuse to claim ignorance about death. I’ve seen it, I’ve watched people die, I’ve held a little girl in my arms while she died.

It’s human nature to think we’re immortal. I would be young forever. I had all the time in the world to accomplish my goals. I always had tomorrow.

The world didn’t change when I was told I have a fatal disease. I’m doing what I love. I’m watching a glorious sunset.

Every morning I wake up is a gift. I try to squeeze every moment, every second, breathe as much air as I can from life.

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Death is inevitable. I can’t know the day on which it will happen, only that it will happen.

I hope that my death will be a good one. If it was quick and without much suffering, then that would be good. If I could die protecting someone I care about, or while striving to achieve something worthwhile, then that would be great. The chances of that happening seem low, but one can always hope. I think that would be the best death.

Perhaps this understanding – that death is inevitable so you should try to make it a good death – could be the key to finding courage in a life-threatening situation. I hope that if such a situation arises, I will be ready.

I also dwell on death when I am unhappy. At the end of a hard day. After I’ve done something wrong or had an argument with my friends or prospect. I fall wearily onto my bed. I stare directly into the POP lights, and I think that death won’t be so bad when it comes. It will be a release from sorrow, pain and turmoil…

But the night passes, the dawn comes again. The buzzing alarm from my tab summons me back to the world. Another day, another chapel service, another chance to get it right!

Live each day as if it’s your last.

One day it will be.


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